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My Passion

Hi there, I’m Jasper Stojanovski, mid 20s guy from Geelong, Australia. Since creating stojfinance.com in 2018 and spent many years growing it before realising a blog specifically for Australia would offer more relevant and actionable insights. As a Bachelor of Business student at Victoria University, I’ve cultivated a deep interest in personal finance, with a focus on budgeting and investing. Since 2023, this blog has been a platform to share these passions.


My financial literacy expanded in 2022 and briefly in 2023 when I interned at Aurum Accounting Group, an accomplished firm in Geelong headed by my Uncle, Mile Stojanovski, the Principal CPA with over 35 years of experience in accounting and wealth advisory. This experience further broadened my financial horizon.

Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping

Further to my practical experience, I have also completed the Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping from the Gordon Institute of TAFE. This comprehensive certification has equipped me with skills including administering subsidiary accounts, preparing financial reports, working effectively in the accounting industry, and planning finances for new business ventures. My hands-on knowledge in processing business tax requirements and operating computerised accounting systems adds to my credibility to write insightful and actionable financial content.

Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology

My tangible interest in technology, an essential skill in today’s rapidly changing world, is illustrated by my achievement of a Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology. This IT certification shows that I not only understand the technology but am also committed to learning and adapting to the innovations that are transforming the way we live our lives.

I began studying a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking) which is about building and setting up computer servers. But I found myself more interested in investing books and the concepts by building wealth. This then led me to my studies at Deakin University.

You can read more about my experience and credentials on my LinkedIn profile here.

Anyhow, with skills in networking, cybersecurity systems, coding, and cloud solutions, I bring a modern tech-savvy approach to financial management. Technology isn’t just a hobby for me—it’s a vital part of our future, and I’m enthusiastic about integrating it into our financial strategies. 

And I’m excited to translate these experiences, skills, and qualifications into actionable advice, helping you make informed decisions about your money. Whether it’s personal finance tips, investment strategies, or the latest insights on technology in the finance world, I am here to serve you with practical and reader-friendly content.

Jasper Stojanovski

I love connecting with readers through personal finance blogs and joining in on discussions in the comments.

I’m here to make complex financial wisdom simple and accessible, empowering everyone to take charge of their finances with an end goal of financial freedom.

Join me on this journey of financial literacy that paves your way to prosperity. Here at StojFinance, you’ll find clear-cut advice on investments, budgeting, saving and more!